Eusébio Soares – Portugal
Eusébio Soares – Portugal TermikZone has an efficient and responsible crew, they deliver a complete and well organized trip planning as they are always improving its services. The satisfaction level is just high
Alexander Robé – Austria
Alexander Robé – Austria The crew is very helpful and they have an unique ability to motivate you just in the beginning of the day, the service is just great ...
Zé Rebelo – PORTUGAL
Zé Rebelo – PORTUGAL Very well organized team with good people, focused on assisting the pilots on their needs as best as they can.
Konrad Goerg – GERMANY
Konrad Goerg – GERMANY I can just recommend TermikZone and its adventure services for everybody ...
Carlos Lopes – PORTUGAL
Carlos Lopes – PORTUGAL Tour after tour, TermikZone has been improving its services quality. Everything went good on two seasons flying with them in Quixadá, both seasons with flights above 400km. I Highly recommend.
300000 KMs BY ROAD
43 Longest Trip (days)
472 Longest Flight

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Governador Valadares

Smooth, reliable climbs to a warm cloudbase, over a rolling landscape of green hills that extends as far as the eye can see and the pilot can fly.Thermals are light and often in the same place, a great place to ...

from R$1.999,00R$1.799,00
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Jaraguá Flatlands

Cross Country

Moderated winds, strong thermals and consistent cross country season in the middle of the year, these are Jaraguá's main attractive for cross country pilots seeking distance flights.

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    Tacima World Record Season

    Cross Country

    Possibility of long distances in a +11hs cross country time window, with possibility to cross over 600km of drylands.  The limits of paragliding are being pushed year after year from Tacima, 90% of the +500 ...

    from R$2.899,00